Georgian and Mediterranean Cuisine

Cold Starters


Georgian Salad (Vegan)                   $14

Organic tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh greens, Georgian spices served over a bed of mixed greens


Pepela Salad                               


Mixed greens with pomegranate dressing and fresh oranges served with grilled shrimp and Parmesan cheese on top.



Yogurt Salad (Vegetarian)          


Cucumber, organic green leaves, tarragon


Eggplant Salad                               


Eggplant, Sweet pepper, Cilantro, Fresh Mozzarella, Garlic


Eggplant Rolls (Vegan)                   


Traditional Georgian walnut paste rolled in thinly sliced  eggplant





Marinated Vegetables








Eggplant Pkhali                                  


Broiled Eggplant, Walnuts, Georgian Spices in Chvishtari Pannier        




Traditional Georgian Spinach Salad in herbs and spices


Mixed Appetizer Plate (Vegan)        


 Eggplant rolls, sweet peppers with walnut paste and  carrots, beets with walnut and Georgian Spices


Gebjalia (Vegetarian)                         


Suluguni Cheese rolled in fresh Mint Leaves        


Chicken Baje                               


Signature Georgian Appetizer: baby chicken in Traditional Walnut, Garlic and Curry Vinaigrette


Caviar Ossetra                                    



Fillet of Fish in Kinzdemari sauce









Veal, rice, tarragon, mint, tomatoes, onion, parsley 

Chicken Soup


Chicken Broth soup with cilantro, fresh greens and chicken breast




Hot Starters





Georgian Cornbread




Round meat pie with ground beef baked inside thin dough


Khachapuri (Vegetarian)


Legendary Georgian Baked Flat Cheese Bread







Soko Ketze (Vegetarian)


Baked Mushrooms in clay pot with melted Cheese


Lobio Kotanshi (Vegan)


Red beans with Georgian spices served in individual pots


Lamb Chops                                            


3 lamb chops prepared with Georgian spices, served with grilled eggplant, red pepper, onion, tomato. Traditional Georgian tomato sauce on the side.


Buglama of Salmon                               


Pan fried pieces of salmon cooked with tomatoes, fresh greens and white wine served with rice and olives




Veal pieces with onion, tarragon, fresh herbs, white Wine and Tkemali Sauce (Georgian Plum Sauce)


Mzvadi Ketze(Pork Shashlik)                 $20


Grilled Sturgeon                                       $30




Traditional Georgian Dumplings with Juicy Meat.

5 Pieces 



Chakhokhbili Chicken                          


Chicken filet with traditional Georgian vegetable sauce made with tomato, onion, cilantro, parsley and dill prepared with Georgian spices, served with rice


Ochakhuri  (Veal/Pork)                      

$24 / $20

Pieces of Veal (Pork) pan-fried with potatoes, tomatoes, fresh greens and Georgian Spices




Pan fried Branzino Fish served with baby tomatoes, baby potatoes, black olives and lemon


Filet of Tilapia                                       


Served with grilled vegetables


Foie Gras                                                


Duck liver  with Berry Sauce and Fresh Greens





Side Dishes $7

 Grilled Asparagus, Roasted Potatoes, Grilled Mixed Vegetables

Parties of 6 People or More persons Will be charged an Automatic 18% Gratuity


Dessert Specials


Pelamushi (Vegan)                             


Pelamushi – a Grape Georgian Delight


Ice Cream                                              





Fruit Platter                                                    



Jam (Strawberry, Cherry, White Cherry)               


Pepela Menu

Pepela is proud to introduce its expanded menu featuring added Georgian and Continental culinary sensations, as well as the debut of our European dessert menu.  We welcome you to try our rich selection of appetizers, entrees, tapas and desserts on your next visit.